Class 12 City & Guilds Video

As part of our City and Guilds qualification in Leisure, Class 12 pupils have had an extremely practical Food Technology session this week. We started off this unit by growing our own cress in the classroom. We talked about what plants need to help them grow, taking care to water our cress seeds regularly, and then placing them in a bright spot close to a window.

Once we had grown some of our ingredients, the fun started as we made our own sandwiches. Our pupils each had the choice of making either an egg and cress or a cheese and cress sandwich. We discussed the sequence of events we need to follow to make as a sandwich, as well as planning what equipment we may need.

This is a highly important life skill that we are learning as part of our City and Guilds. It helps us to become more independent, as well as increasing our confidence in the kitchen. You can watch a short video featuring our Class 12 cooks above.

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