Class 10 Science Video

We have been learning how to safely use different equipment around the school science lab in Class 10. The pupils have been finding out how a Bunsen burner works, and how we can use it to help us with our science learning. We started off the lesson by looking at the various parts of a Bunsen burner. The pupils labelled a diagram, and then explained what each section of the burner does.

We then put on our safety goggle to protect our eyes, and made sure that we had the heat resistance mat in place to protect the desk. Class 10 then connected the tube from the gas tap to their Bunsen burners. We then lit the flame, and experimented with allowing different amounts of air into the Bunsen burner.

We observed that we could control the heat of the flame by adding or decreasing the amount of air that we let into the Bunsen burner. When the flame is blue, the burner is at its hottest temperature. An orange flame is still incredibly hot, although not such a high temperature as the blue flame. Our next session will involve heating up a liquid using the Bunsen burner. You can watch a short film of our Class 10 science experiment in the video above.

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