Class 11 Drama Video

Class 11 have been using their drama sessions to think about the different jobs that are carried out around Turney School. We have been talking about the work that the adults do, and what actions are needed to complete this work.

Using the drama expression masks, we worked in small groups to show the different actions. These included working in the school canteen, looking after the school premises or helping the busy school office to run smoothly. We tried to stay in character for as long as the music was playing.

This drama work is connected to the Class 11 work experience scheme that will be taking place later in the school year. By using drama, we have been developing our ideas about where we would like to spend our work experience. Each pupil has been considering the skills they have to offer, and then matching these with a possible job.

We finished off our weekly drama session by playing some games to help us with our concentration skills. You can watch a video of the Class 11 drama lesson above.

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