Road Safety Theatre Performance

Road Safety

All pupils across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 had a wonderful afternoon this week watching a theatre production. Our friends from the Tiny Giant Theatre came into our school, and kindly put on a play looking at the issue of road safety.

A series of different characters helped to remind our pupils what we need to remember when we approach a busy road – stop, look, listen and think are all important actions for us to carry out.

The production was highly interactive, with the Turney pupils encouraged to help out the actors with their work. We also learnt about the importance of wearing a seat belt in a car, and how we have to take our own responsibility for making sure that we don’t forget to belt up.

Crossing a road was also addressed in the play. This is an independent life skill that our Year 12 young adults have been practising during our regular trips out into the local community. The play put across the message of how dangerous it can be to cross the road between two parked cars. We can’t see what other traffic is coming – using a zebra crossing is the safe way to cross a busy road.

Our friends from the Tiny Giant Theatre concluded their comedy with the main message of: Don’t take a chance on the roads. This was a wonderful afternoon for our secondary school pupils. We would like to thank the actors who so kindly came into Turney School to spend some time with us.

You can listen to a short podcast with a couple of our Class 8 pupils, explaining what they have learnt from the production below.


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