Class 10 Video Filming

We have been continuing our work in Class 10 involving capturing and editing different digital images. Having successfully used the school cameras to capture still images, our pupils have now progressed to work with video. We started off our work by first thinking about what scenes from around the school that a visitor might like to look at in a video. These included indoor locations such as the school gym, as well as outdoor settings like the playground.

Each pupil then shot their video, concentrating hard on the angles of the shot, as well as trying to keep a steady hand. We then started to edit our video footage in the ICT suite. This is a fantastic exercise in helping to improve the pupil’s knowledge and awareness of how to navigate around a computer. We talked about where the hard drive is, and how to locate the video camera that we plugged in. Class 10’s video project will continue over the coming weeks when we will learn how to edit out scenes and save our video clips.

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