Class 12 Photography Trip

As part of our City and Guilds work in Leisure, Class 12 have been researching different ways in which people choose to spend their leisure time. We have found that photography is an incredibly popular pastime at the moment, with the availability of digital cameras. We decided to practise our own photography skills in Year 12. Our pupils have been learning how to use the camera, with operations such as zoom and focussing on an image. Each pupil then drew up a checklist of subject matter that we would like to capture on our cameras. Ideas included trees, animals and cars.

We took the pupils out on an observation and photography walk around our local environment. Whenever we saw something that was on our checklist, we took a photograph of it! Our pupils decided what would make the best angle for each shot, as well as how close to zoom in. Our next step is to edit the pictures using the school computers. We are then going to print these off and put them in our school scrapbooks. You can watch a video of our young photographers in action above.

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