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Gold Class

Gold Class are producing some amazing work across the curriculum this term, in the many varied subject areas that we are teaching. Our literacy work is focussed around our class reading book of Rumple Stiltskin. We have been exploring the main character, and trying to work out what the main message and theme is within the text. We have started our World War Two topic in history. Gold Class are looking at what life was like during the Blitz for young people living in London at the time. We will be comparing their lives with that of our own.

We have started to build our very own models of the solar system during Gold Class D & T sessions, as part of our space exploration topic. Science lessons in Gold Class have continued with our study of sound and echo. We have made a basic system of communication, using a couple of old bean tins and a piece of string. The pupils have learnt how sound can travel as a series of vibrations down the piece of string. A couple of our young Gold Class scientists explain more in the podcast below.


Gold class

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