Class 12 Boccia Finals

All of the Turney School community is incredibly proud of Class 12 as they prepare to represent us at the National finals of the boccia championships later in the week. This is an incredibly popular sport that we play throughout the year groups at Turney School. It resembles a form of bowls, and is perfect for pupils with special education needs to take part in. The rules require all competitors to remain seated, and so all players can compete equally.

Class 12 have showed tremendous skill and courage during the regional stages of the competition. Our reward is a place in the grand final, taking place at the Westway in West London. This is a tournament that has generated great interest – Sky Sports will be covering the event and featuring our skilful Class 12 boccia players!

Boccia is becoming something of a boom sport, and we are proud to be able to offer it to our pupils during PE sessions. Turney School is also the venue for competitive games, where we invite adults with special education needs to come along to help coach and play against our pupils. Some of the basic rules are explained in the video above, as well as a brief demonstration from our Class 12 stars.

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