Yellow Class PHSE

Yellow Class

Yellow class have been continuing their work looking at what it means to be a refugee, and what kind of emotions or feeling a refugee child might be experiencing. We had a Q & A session with a friend of the school who has been a refugee. Yellow class prepared for this by coming up with some very thoughtful questions, which helped us to understand the theme of going on a journey.

We are planning a trip to Brixton Market next week as part of our PSHE studies. We will be planning the journey on public transport, working out which route we need to take and how much bus fare we will need. We will also be thinking about what items we might like to buy, and where the best place at Brixton Market will be to make our purchase. This is a valuable exercise in not only being confident in being able to handle money, but also to ask for items in a public place and take part in community life.

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