Class 10 Maths Video

We have been combining our maths work in Class 10 with our sporting athletic ability! The pupils have been exploring different ways of measuring and counting. We have focussed on the units that we use for measurement, as well as the methods that we can use to collect our data. We decided to put this to the test by devising the Turney School 100 meters sprint challenge! We first had to mark out our running track. Using a trundle wheel, we measured the length of the current Turney School running lanes. We found that this was 30m. We then worked out that three lengths of this would be 90m. We found that we then needed a further 10m to complete our 100m stretch.

With the maths calculations out of the way, the next part of our challenge was the sporting activity! We set Class 10 the challenge of running 100m in under a minute. Our pupils took it in turns, with our class friends timing their run on a stopwatch. We found that 20 seconds was the average time it took us to complete 100m. Class 10 then calculated that 20 seconds is the same as one third of a minute. This all means that the Turney School 100 metres challenge can be completed in a time period two thirds faster than what we first thought! You can watch the mathematical and athletic activity taking place in the video above.

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