Gold Class D & T Video

Gold Class are incredibly excited about a project that they are involved in with the wonderful Whippersnappers organisation. Based nearby at Brockwell Park, Whippersnappers have kindly be coming into our school to help Gold Class contribute to a multi-use Yurt. This is a large style of tent that is common within many Asian countries. Whippersnappers are working with many local schools in Lambeth, with each building their own particular part of the Yurt

Gold Class at Turney School has been given the task of making the front door. We have built a huge weaving frame, and then have been delicately weaving away the design for our door. Once the Yurt is complete, Whippersnappers will be able to loan it out around the various Lambeth schools that have taken part in the project. You can find out more about the Turney School involvement by watching the video above.

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