Class 11 Science Podcast

Class 11

Our Class 11 pupils have returned after the summer break, full of enthusiasm to continue with their science learning. We have wasted no time in continuing to explore our topic of genes and DNA. This is an incredibly tough part of the science syllabus, but one which we think Class 11 have already started to gain a great understanding in. The class have been talking about chromosomes, and using online resources to see the role genetics plays in helping to shape us as unique individuals.

We have found during our research that some physical characteristics are connected to the environment around us, rather than being influenced by our genes. The pupils have completed a worksheet, which involves sorting different personal characteristics in to these two different categories. We also found that both genes, and the environment influence some personal traits. This may sound rather confusing, but thankfully one of our keen young Class 11 scientists is able to explain more in the podcast below!


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