Class 3J Science Video

Our new 3J Class at Turney School has settled in straight away with some serious scientific research! We have introduced our eager young learners to the idea of changing states of matter. This is quite a complex topic that has required some scientific thought about some of the resources that we take for granted around us each day. We started off our research by examining an ice cube each. The pupils made notes about how the ice cube felt, as well as describing if it was a solid, liquid or gas. We also used some thermometers to measure the temperature.

Once the ice cube melted, we then repeated this exercise, writing down what we could see in front of us, and also observing that the solid had now turned into a liquid. The pupils took the temperature of the water, and compared this with that of the ice cube. Our study will be complete next week when we take part in a class demonstration with a kettle and some boiling water, to observe how this can become steam. You can watch some of our 3J Class scientific study in the video above.

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