New Starters in Red Class

Red Class

We are very pleased in the way that the brand new Red Class is settling into the new term at Turney School. We have welcomed children from four other previous classes into our classroom. We have been spending the first week getting to know all of our new friends, and understanding how we can learn and play together well whilst at school. Once all of the children feel comfortable, then we will start work on what promises to be a busy term ahead.

Red Class will be reading The Gigantic Turnip as their main class book for this term. This is a fantastic story that features many different animal characters. We will be able to use this to help with our animal recognition skills. Plenty of D & T artwork based around the book will also take place. Red Class will be staging a school assembly later on this half term. Our work on The Gigantic Turnip will be able to be presented to the rest of the school.

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