Orange Class P.E. Video

We will be spending the first few weeks of the new school term in Orange Class by helping the children to remember all of the knowledge that we learnt last year. We will be re-capping our basic phonic sounds and letters, and then using these skills to continue with our development. Orange class also has some new faces for this school year, with some of the children from Silver Class joining us. We have tried to make this transition as smooth as possible, by playing a number of friend games during our PE time. An early class favourite is proving to be musical statues. This is a great music and movement exercise in helping the children to anticipate when the music will stop, and then knowing what action is needed. We finished off our first PE session of the new school year with some relaxation time on the large school mats, whilst listening to some peaceful music. A promising start! You can watch a brief video featuring the Orange Class musical statues game above.

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