Class 1G P.E. Video

Class 1G have been having great fun during PE sessions, playing and exploring with the giant school parachute. This is a wonderful resource that helps our pupils to improve their sense of co-ordination and balance, plus the parachute is brilliant fun! We used the parachute as a warm up ahead of our main PE session. We wanted 1G to listen to the instructions, and then to work together as a team to carry out a specific task. The pupils followed the instructions to walk clockwise, anti-clockwise and to lift the parachute high up into the air.

A ball was then placed in the centre of the parachute, and our class task was to work together to move the ball around the edge, without the ball falling off. We were extended this co-ordination exercise throughout the session by working with some hoops, beanbags and small balls. We have been working with the pupils to develop their range of physical control, by asking them to judge the strength required to throw a beanbag or a ball into a hoop. You can watch a short video featuring the Class 1G parachute fun above.

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