Tasty Times in Class 2S!

Class 2S

Class 2S is the tastiest place to be at Turney School at the moment! The pupils are taking part in a pizza project that will help them to make decisions based around their own preferences. We held a basic tasting session first, to try and work out which particular type of topping we like the most. We encouraged the Class 2S pupils to describe each taste, and how it made them feel. We then introduced the pupils to some pizza dough and had some great fun in kneading this. We talked about why this process is important in helping the pizza base to be as light and tasty as possible. We baked a number of different pizzas, experimenting with the different range of toppings. A self-evaluation process completed the first part of this project. We asked the pupils to rate the pizzas and to talk about the taste.

Class 3JA

This is a project that will continue throughout this term in Class 2S. It will conclude with each pupil designing their own pizza from scratch, and then sourcing the ingredients required, and then cooking the food. This is a theme that we have continued with our Food Technology homework. We have been asking the pupils to make their own sandwiches at home. We have been greatly encouraged by the written work that has accompanied this. Detailed descriptions have been brought back into Turney School, explaining how the sandwich was made, and how it tasted.

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