Blue Class D & T Video

We have been incredibly busy in Blue Class, making many wonderful creations during our D & T sessions, as well as baking some bread in our Food Tech lessons! As part of our study of houses and shelters, Blue Class have used their D & T time to build some Indian teepees. We have been looking at how different people around the world live in different places. The teepees seemed like a great challenge for us to make. The children used clay as a base, and then completed their models with some pipe cleaners and some cloth. As you can see from the video above, Blue Class now has its very own Indian teepee village!

Our Food Tech sessions in Blue Class have involved baking some incredibly tasty bread. The children have been learning how to kneed bread, and why this is important in the baking process. We then rolled out our dough in a sausage style shape, before completing the design by knotting together the long strand. You can find out more about the Blue Class bread baking in the video above.

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