Class 10 Basketball Video

We have continued to work on our basketball skills in Class 10 during our P.E. lessons. This is the primary team sport that the pupils have been working on this term, learning all about the rules, the skills required and how to work together as a team. But first our keen young basketball players were put through a demanding warm up. We laid out a simple cone course in the school, and asked the pupils to move in and out of the cones in random directions. This is a great skill to help us with the stop / start motion required for the sport. We then added in a basketball and worked on our throwing and catching skills. We have learnt that there are two main techniques used for this within basketball – a chest past and a bounce past. Finally we introduced a basketball hoop into the game, and got the pupils to think about a simple sequence of passing and shooting. You can watch some of the results in the video above.

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