Class 11 Work Experience

Our young adults in Class 11 have been incredibly busy this week as part of their introduction to the world of work. The pupils have been taking on different assignments as part of work experience. We discussed with each pupils first their individual thoughts: what skills have they got to offer a potential employer, and what further training would they like to receive to help improve their job prospects? We were able to place all of our pupils in a work situation that we feel will benefit them. Examples include working in the school kitchen, carrying out practical work around the school, helping the younger children with their learning and working in the school office. You can watch a short video above of one of our Class 11 pupils being extremely busy in the workplace.

Plus: Back in the science lab and Class 11 have just completed part of the Entry Level Science papers. This particular topic looked at different fuels and what we use them for. The pupils have been revising hard, remembering why we need fuels, and how they can help us in our day-to-day lives. We are pleased to report that the exam period was a huge success, and we are incredibly proud of the results that all of our Class 11 pupils have received.

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