Class 10 P.E. Video

We are concentrating our P.E. sessions throughout Turney School this term on the fun activity of trampolining. This is a wonderful exercise that pupils of all ages and abilities can participate in. Class 10 have a number of skilled pupils who are able to master the trampoline with ease. We have been introducing these pupils to new techniques, and encouraging them to create their own trampoline routine to demonstrate to their class friends.

An important part of using this resource if for all of our pupils to understand the importance of health and safety when using the trampoline. We start each session by asking the pupils to recount the basic rules: no shoes on the trampoline, and all jewelry must be removed. We also encourage a trusted friend to act as a spotter by the side of the trampoline and to offer encouragement.

Class 10 have been building up their confidence level, moving from remaining within the centre cross, to introducing some amazing star jumps into their own pantomime routine. You can watch some of our Class 10 trampoliners performing in the short video above.

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