Class 11 Humanities

Class 11

It’s a new term and a new topic for our Class 11 pupils during their R.E. lessons. As well as approaching a new subject area, we are also going to try a new way of working as well. Rather than simply stage a class test at the end of the term, our pupils will be carrying out coursework as the term progresses. This is a form of working that will hopefully serve them well as they start to think about different education options after they move on from Turney School.

The theme for this term will be to think about wealth and poverty. We will be looking at different world cultures, and trying to understand different concepts of rich and poor. We held a class discussion, and encouraged the pupils to try and think about richness not necessarily being money related. Using the example of the Haiti earthquake of 2010, Class 11 researched the CAFOD charitable organisation, looking at how wealth and poverty is used by different religious groups to help others.

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