Orange Class Transport Topic

Orange Class

Our main topic in Orange Class for the new spring term will be to learn all about different types of transport. We have started by learning how to recognise different forms of transport, and them comparing and contrasting. Questions that we have been asking include does the transport have wheels? Can it fly? Does it sail? Part of our work will also overlap with PHSE, as the topic includes a transport safety element. We will be extending this work throughout the term to involve a historical look at transport to see how it has changed. Our Orange Class topic will conclude later in the term with a trip to the Transport Museum planned.

Much of our other work throughout this term will involve a study of puppets. The pupils will be learning about why people might use puppets and how we can use them to tell a story. Orange Class will be designing and making their own puppets, concluding with a grand performance of all of our characters.

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