Class 10 Gymastics Video

We have been learning different apparatus techniques in Class 10 during our recent P.E. sessions. We start the sessions off with a thorough warm-up, having learnt the importance of making sure that our bodies are in the correct condition for the physical tasks ahead. We started off a recent session with a series of shuttle runs, varying these and adding in some new footwork moves. With a gentle stretching session to follow, Class 10 was then all prepared for some physical activity on the school apparatus.

We have been working in particular on the trampette and the springboard. Class 10 have been understanding how flexibility and balance are key skills when we are trying to master this equipment. Our pupils started off by gaining an extra spring and using their knees to land on the upper level. We then felt more confident and started to use our feet to land. The top advice that we picked up during this session was to keep our chins up when we are preparing to land! You can watch a selection of our Class 10 gymnastic moves in the video above.

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