Gold Class Gold Fish!

Gold Class

Gold Class are having a great time in preparing to welcome a very special friend into our classroom – the Gold Class gold fish! Some of the children suggested the idea that Gold Class should adopt a gold fish. We decided that this would be a great way to theme many related activities around this project across the curriculum.

We will be baking some cakes during our Food Tech sessions. These will then be sold on during a school cake sale. Any money that we raise will cover the cost of the gold fish, as well as future supplies of food. When it is time to buy our new class friend, Gold Class will be looking online for the nearest pet shop, and then plan the best route to get there.

The mathematical part of this project will involve budgeting for the long term care of the gold fish. We will need to work out how much it costs to buy the food, and then work out how we are going to support this.

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