Class 12 Leaver’s

Class 12

Class 12 have started their work on preparing for the Turney School Leaver’s assembly, taking place this year on 13th July. This annual event is always one of the more emotional times in the Turney School calendar. Class 12 are determined to change this and leave behind memories for their friends of a happy and talented group of young adults! We have decided to put on a special performance during the assembly. We don’t want to give too much away at this early stage, but rehearsals have included plenty of singing, music and dancing! You can find out a little more in the podcast below.


Meanwhile our science work in Class 12 has continued with a very practical element. As part of the community element to our syllabus, the pupils have been regularly attending the local allotments and helping out with the planting and growing. We were very kindly given a selection of caterpillars to look after. Class 12 have been feeding these, and then observing their amazing transformation to become beautiful butterflies. These are almost ready to be released into the wild back at the allotments.

Class 12

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