Blue Class Welcomes

Blue Class

Our new blue Class members have all been settling into their new class ahead of the new term of teaching starting in September. This has been a very positive start for all of the pupils as they get to know both their new class friends, as well as the adults that we will be working with in the new school year.

We have been playing plenty of welcome games so that we can all get to know one another. We have asked each pupil to choose a picture of a class friend from the whiteboard. We all then sing a song, welcoming our friends to Blue Class, as well as recording each other saying hello to everyone.

Blue Class has also started to keep a daily weather diary. This encourages us to explore our outdoors environment, as well as helping with speech and recognition of the weather outside. We have also used this opportunity to help with the painting of a new mural in the school playground – great fun!

Blue Class

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