Class 2S Singing Podcast

class 2S

Class 2S have been greatly enjoying their weekly singing sessions. We are working towards our contribution for the prestigious Turney School production, which takes place on 2nd December this year. We started off our singing lesson by making sure that all of the pupils felt relaxed and friendly. We sang a welcome song, making sure that all class members were introduced and greeted to join in with the music.

We then sang Wings of a Dove, a Class 2S favourite. This song works particularly well as there are plenty of sign actions to be included. We always ask for volunteers and encourage the pupils to come to the front of the class and lead with the actions. The weekly singing session then concluded with a new song being introduced to Class 2S ahead of the production. We still have a couple of months to perfect this, but it was a very promising start!

Class 2S name game singing (mp3)

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