Class 11 Art Video

We are working in Class 11 towards designing and producing our own unique set of clay tiles with an individually drawn design. Our art session started by asking the pupils to try and think of a design that would be uniquely personal to them. We looked online, as well as through some magazines to try and gain some inspiration. Ideas included football club badges, our favourite food or the flag of a particular country. Each pupil then sketched out the design on a piece of paper, in preparation for producing it on a clay tile.

With the design complete, the next task was to role out the clay in preparation for the design. Our pupils followed the instructions carefully, and using the equipment given we were able to prepare the clay in a flat shape for our designs. The paper sketches were then carefully cut out into the clay. The next stage will be to fire these in the school kiln, and then finally add some colours to complete our work.

You can watch a short video explaining this process above.

Class 11

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