Class 1G Table Work

Class 1G

Our Class 1G pupils have been continuing to make great progress with their table work and listening skills. We set the pupils the Learning Intention of: To sequence images and statements. We started off by working with the simple sentence of “I eat oranges.” We encouraged and helped the pupils match up the words with the corresponding Communication in Print images. Our more advanced Class 1G pupils were then able to write out the word sentence underneath their work.

This work then continued on the class whiteboard. Working together as a class, we tried to match up the correct options for a new set of word statements. Theses included sentences such as “You eat soup with a spoon. What else might you eat with a spoon?” Class 1G were able to find the correct answers, making the connection between the correct items and adding to the word statement.

This type of recognition work is a great way for our pupils at Turney School to become more confident with the Communication in Print system of learning that we use throughout all age groups. It is also a good way to work in small groups and to help gain the confidence of each pupil. Our session finished off with some exploration time in the Turney School sensory room, as well as class singing with guitar backing.

Good work, Class 1G!

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