Class 2S Maths

Class 2S

Class 2S has been learning different skills that we might need when we go out shopping in our local community. Starting with a Learning Intention of: To identify different shops and what they sell, we worked together to use our knowledge to create a shopping list, and then identify different types of coins.

Our work started by asking what do we do inside a shop, and what do we need to give to the shopkeeper in return for what we buy? We worked together on the class whiteboard, to help answer a series of questions based on what we might buy from a particular shop. The aim was to help the pupils think about the differences between shops, and to understand what items can be bought from where.

We asked our Class 2S members what their favourite types of food are, and then used this information to put together a class shopping list. Our work finished with a really useful session in identifying the complete range of English currency, from 1p to a £2 coin.

Very encouraging work!

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