Help Raise Funds for Turney School

Easy Fund Raising

As Christmas approaches, I’m sure you and possibly colleagues will be completing some of your Christmas shopping online. Turney School is registered with, a fundraising website which donates a percentage of what you spend online through major retailers to a good cause ie Turney School!

There is no cost to the individual, the retailer simply makes a percentage donation to the cause each time you shop with them as long as you access their site through easyfundraising. All the big names such as Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and other supermarkets, clothes shops like Boden and department stores like Debenhams, House of Fraser as well as iTunes, Amazon and any other big name you can think of. There are also flight and holiday companies registered with them.

It just takes five minutes for individuals to register initially and after that they just access their online shops through the Easyfundraising site and this literally only adds an extra 20 seconds to their shopping time.

Type in easyfundraising into google or use the link here. On the blue find a cause tab – type in Turney School

Register as a supporter – start shopping through the easyfundraising site. A small percentage of the amount you spend comes to the school.

Before it became a habit, I used the find and remind facility of easyfundraising (google it!) which once you download the tool bar, picks up the retailers website and reminds you to use easyfundraising.

You will receive an email with how much you have donated to the children and young people at Turney School once you have completed your shopping.

Many thanks for taking a few extra seconds online to support the children.

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