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Class 11

Class 11 is continuing to work hard towards our GCSE Art qualification. Part of our current work is based around identity and self-portraits. We have been looking at some of the works of art created by Pablo Picasso, and in particular, what made his form of art so unique. The pupils have studied the use of lines in his abstract drawing, and how these add to some of the self-portraits that Picasso was producing. We have re-created some of his more famous pieces of work, and then experimented ourselves with different types of materials and textures. Some pupils used charcoal; others worked in paint or line drawing.

This exercise will now move on to involve creating some abstract self-portraits by our Class 11 pupils. Using the school cameras, we will take some photographs of ourselves, and then use these as the basis in which to add in more abstract ideas. You can find out more about this process by listening to the podcast below.

Class 11 Abstract Art (mp3)

Class 11

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