Class 1M Activities

Sensory Room

Class 1M are progressing well with their regular table work and play sessions in the school sensory room. We have set the overall learning intention of taking turns in the circle during practical sessions, and then being able to sequence words and symbols for our table work. We usually start off this work with a class song to help all class members feel relaxed and happy. Our welcome song includes mentioning all the names of the Class 1M pupils and we all get to join in with the singing.

Some of our friends then go and explore the sensory room, whilst others concentrate on their table work. One of our current themes for this work is all about water. The pupils have been thinking about some of the things that we might see at the seaside. We invited the children to make choices on the class whiteboard and to try and identify ships, lighthouses and a bucket and spade. These were mixed in with other non-seaside pictures such as a tractor or a sledge. Our table work continued with this theme, with the Class 1M members then constructing simple sentences about the seaside using a series of pictures.

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