Silver Class Learning

Silver Class

Sliver Class are continuing to make superb progress across all parts of the curriculum during their first year of learning at Turney School. The children are working really hard on their phonic skills. This is an incredibly important building block that then helps the children with their word formation during later years. Silver Class have been focussing on the phonics of S, T, C, and E. Our work around these letters looks at the sounds that each letter makes when spoken, as well as letter formation. We have also been singing the brilliant ABC song to help us with our work!

We are having great fun reading A Walk in the Jungle as our main class book. There are some brilliant characters in the story that the children are able to identify with. We have been sequencing the order of the story, as well as thinking about animal movement and how the different characters move around the jungle. Our artwork in Silver Class is also based around this book. We have been painting and producing collages based around our favourite animals. We have used our knowledge of shapes with this work, creating some images of the animals made out of specific shapes.

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