Class 3J Germination Video

Class 3J have devised their own scientific experiment as part of our work learning all about plant growth and germination. We were interested to find out what it means for a seed to germinate, and then to discover what are the ideal conditions in which for this to happen.

Having watched a short video, we found that light and water help a seed to start growing. This is known as the germination process. We started our experiment with some damp cotton wool. We then chose a selection of seeds and placed these on top.

Class 3J then looked around the Turney School science lab for somewhere to germinate these seeds. We decided that placing them by the window in the full view of the sunlight was the ideal location.

All pupils now have a germination logbook. We estimated the duration it may take for germination to start. Our task over the coming weeks will be to regularly observe our seeds and to measure any growth. If any of them are successful in germinating, we will then plant these in the nearby allotments.

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