Class 10 Food Tech Video

Our cooking work in Class 10A has been concentrating on coming up with a variety of different dishes, as well as thinking about the techniques required for each meal. We have been learning to understand the difference between boiling and simmering, and when each method is most suitable for us to use in the kitchen.

Having successfully cooked a delicious spaghetti bolognaise dish, we recently turned out attention towards chile con carne. We asked the pupils to consider not only the preparation for this meal, but also how we might be able to store the food and take it home.

After we finished the practical side of the exercise, we then asked Class 10A to think about how they might be able to evaluate their dish. Taste and ease of cooking were a couple of factors. All of this work is being documented by Class 10A in our recipe books. Once completed, we will have instructions and thoughts on all of our Class 10A cooking experiences throughout the school year.


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