Class 11 Art Podcast

Class 11

Class 11 have settled well into the new term at Turney School during what is an incredibly important academic year for all pupils. Some class members will be sitting various GCSE subjects to help prepare them for their next stage of development. Art is always a subject in which Turney School manages to achieve highly at GCSE level. Our current Class 11 members have already started work on their coursework for this qualification.

With many different levels of ability throughout the group, different activities have been set. Some pupils are looking at the style associated with African art. We have been studying some of the ideas of Chris Ofilli, and then taking inspiration from these for our own artwork. Different techniques and mediums are being explored.

Some of our more advanced Class 11 pupils are taking a multi-media approach to their artwork. Using the Turney School ICT resources, we have been manipulating digital self-portraits. A photograph was taken, and then using image-editing software, the pupils have created a new self-identity out of their self-portrait. You can listen to this process being explained in the podcast below.

Class 11

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