Class 3J PE Video

We have been building upon our enthusiasm for the London Olympics in Class 3J during our PE lessons. We asked the pupils about their observations from watching the athletics at the Olympics over the summer. Some pupils described how they saw athletes stretching and warming up ahead of their main races.

We encouraged Class 3J to warm up with a series of individual exercises ahead of our main activity during the lesson. We focussed on changing our pace and direction, as well as exercising our arms as part of the activity. Finally we added in the difference between jogging and sprinting.

With Class 3J now warmed up, we were ready for the main part of lesson. Much of our PE work for the autumn term will be spent helping to improve our football skills. We are starting off by looking at close ball control and why this is important in a game situation. You can watch a short video of a recent Class 3J PE lesson above.

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