Red Class Circle Time

Red Class

We have been using our circle time in Red Class to help encourage the children to be able to make their own choices and decisions. Working with a large box of different toys, we asked the class which pupil would like to choose a toy to explore. We wanted each class member to be able to express themselves and communicate that they would like to choose from the box, as well as making a personal decision. All the toys available helped the pupils with their touch and sight senses. This circle time exercise is also great for improving communication skills and gaining confidence amongst class friends.

Our circle time continued in Red Class with a different exercise but with a focus on the same aim of expression. We added a number of different colours of sand into a large wooden tray. We asked each pupil which colours they would like to see, as well as what amount of sand was to be used. When we had enough sand to play with, we then asked which pupils would like to make some patterns in the sand. Much of our shared circle time throughout the autumn term in Red Class will continue with exercises that encourage both choice and communication from the class members.

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