Class 3J P.E. Video

We have been using our P.E. lessons in Class 3J to help the pupils understand and make sense of various instructions. We started with our warm up and thinking about the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise. We built these ideas into a simple jogging exercise, asking the children to move around in a certain direction.

We then added in various commands and instructions to vary the routine. Finally we encouraged the pupils to make their own choices – do they want to run forwards, backwards or sideways etc.

With the warm up complete, Class 3J then continued to work around the theme of understanding instructions whilst playing sport. We have been improving our football technique throughout the autumn term. With most pupils now confident in dribbling the ball, we added in to this session the idea of understanding instructions from team mates and knowing when it is a good time to pass the ball to them.

You can watch a short video of Class 3J working on this exercise in the video above.

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