Green Class Activities

Green Class

Green Class have been having a great time with our weekly yoga sessions. We are fortunate to have an expert yoga teacher joining us each Friday for these sessions. Yoga is ideal for our pupils across many different levels. It helps the children to relax, as well as to follow instructions and movement. Even at this early stage in the programme we are starting to notice many improvements in the concentration levels of the Green Class pupils.

A similar theme is being used during our Green Class P.E. sessions. We have been asking the children to think about different ways in which they can move around the school gym. Using music, the children have been discovering how to express themselves with some of their favourite class songs.

We are hopeful of organsing a trip later in the term to the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton. This is an amazing building that is able to screen films that are suitable for pupils with autistic needs.

Ritzy Cinema image by trash world. Some rights reserved.

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