Orange Class Art Video

Orange Class have been exploring some of the ideas found in Aboriginal art. We started our work by finding out more about some of the animals that the Aboriginals in Australia painted. Many of them were new to us. We then decided to paint our favourite animals. We asked the Orange Class pupils to think about what colour their animals might look like. We also helped the children to be able to both speak and sign out the names of the animals.

Different types of medium were used for our pictures. Some pupils chose to use crayons, whilst other worked with paint. We are going to develop this exercise to recreate the animals using finger painting – the original technique that was used by the Aboriginal people.

There is some crossover with this work for our science lessons. We are learning all about movement and how we use our bodies to help us get around. We asked the children to think about the differences between human and animals movement. Orange Class had great fun getting into character for some animal movement drama sessions!

Elsewhere around Orange Class and we are working well with our class book Brown Bear. With Halloween approaching we will soon start reading Pumpkin Pirates. The children will make their own boats out of pumpkins, as is the case for the characters in the book.

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