Yellow Class Maths Video

Yellow Class have been making some tremendous progress with their counting skills during recent numeracy lessons. Working in small groups, we set a number of different challenges for the different abilities in our class.

Some pupils concentrated on counting the number of animals that they could see on their sheet. These were grouped into different sets. Our next step for this exercise was to work out the difference. If one set contained five horses, whilst another had only three, we could work out that the difference is two horses.

Other groups in Yellow Class were able to add. In some literacy work along with our maths. We asked the pupils to read out a selection of sentences on the worksheet. These related to number of items that either a girl, boy or man had, e.g. the girl has three apples. Our task was to find the picture of three apples, and then place this correctly in the column for the girl. You can watch a short video of this exercise above.

Finally our maths session concluded with the children practicing the writing of various numbers. Character formation is incredibly important if we are to understand the number line. We need to identify the different numbers to help us with our counting.

Great work, Yellow Class!

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