Blue Class Book Reading

Blue Class have started work reading their new literacy book, Where the Wild Things Are. Our first task was to watch a short animated video of the story. We wanted Blue Class to become familiar with the main characters and the plot. The musical break where Max starts to dance with the wild animals proved to be popular!

Our next task was to start to recount some of the key story facts in the correct sequence. We asked different pupils to share their observations, and to describe how the character of Max might be feeling at different stages throughout the book. We also noticed the similarities between the Wild Things and the Gruffalo.

Where the Wild Things Are is a great book for the pupils to use their imaginations and develop their own fictional thoughts. We will work upon this theme throughout future literacy lessons when we ask the pupils to develop ideas for their own wild monsters.

You can get a sense of how this book has been greatly enjoyed in Blue Class by watching one of our class members share the story in the video above.

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