Class 1G Food Tech Video

A delightful vegetable cous cous salad has been on the menu in Class 1G as part of our recent Food Tech lessons. This was the ideal dish to help Class 1G develop their two current class targets – chopping skills and using small amounts. We practiced our chopping technique using courgettes, peppers and tomatoes. The small amounts were for the cheese topping that we added to the top of our salad.

All pupils were encouraged to work as independently as possible. The chopping and mixing was carried out by each class member, with the backing of some supportive adult led singing. This task was finished off when we asked the Class 1G members to evaluate what they had produced.

The independence that is being developed by Class 1G has made some incredible progress this term. All of the ingredients used for the vegetable cous cous salad were bought by the pupils. We now have weekly shopping trips to the nearby Tesco. Each class member has an ingredient that is there own responsibility. We have to find these in the store, and work out the correct amount.

You can watch a short video of our Class 1G cous cous session above.

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