Silver Class A-Z Song


Silver Class have been working hard on matching pairs of similar items. We have been playing many games on the class whiteboard that help the children to recognise items that are similar, and items that are different.

Our current class favourite is the match the fruit game. The computer reveals pairs of fruit scrambled up on the screen. We have a short amount of time to remember where these are, before the computer hides them away with a covering. Our task is to remember where each pair is, and then to match them up.

Our counting work in Silver Class is also continuing with some great improvements. Most pupils are now able to count both forwards and backwards from one to ten.

We are also working hard on remembering the A-Z song during our literacy lessons. You can listen to some of this work in the recording below.

One thought on “Silver Class A-Z Song

  • January 16, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    listerned to my wonderful girl singing the abc song what a proud mummy i am

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