Class 10 PE Video

Class 10 have made a great start to the new school term during recent PSCHE lessons. We started our work by carrying out a simple news quiz to help the pupils with their memory skills. We watched a short video, and then worked together as a group to remember some of the new facts that we have been learning.

Our work continued by looking again at the Class 10 rules and how we want to develop these throughout 2013. The pupils came up with the idea that listening, thinking and helping friends are all important for us.

The PSCHE work then progressed with a series of question cards being handed out to each pupil. The questions were read out by each class member. We then invited them to provide a suitable answer in front of the rest of the group. Some of the questions were factual; others encouraged the pupils to use their imagination. The idea is to help our pupils to develop their self-confidence when talking in public.

Finally our lesson finished by asking the pupils to consider some new class rules for the rest of the term. Our future PSCHE work will involve the pupils choosing an activity and a chosen charity to help to support. A fine start to 2013!

Class 10

Plus: You can watch a short video below of a selection of our Class 10 members enjoying the school trampolines during a recent P.E. lesson. Our focus has been on how we can maintain our balance on the trampoline, as well as how to build in different shapes to our routines.

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