Class 1G Science & Fabrics

class 1G

Class 1G have made a great start to the new school term with their recent science lessons. Much of our work for this term will be to look at different materials, and in particular, man-made materials.

We have started this work by having a group session where a number of different materials were shared. These included cloth, silk, lace, school jumpers and even a teddy bear. We encouraged the pupils to describe what each material felt like. We then posed a further question asking what we think each material might be used for.

This fabric work will continue over the coming works. Each Class 1G member will design and then make their own bag out of fabric. We will then fill these with a series of objects that have a pleasant smell.

The science work will then consider other materials. Wood, paper and plastic will all be looked at. We are keen for the pupils to not only articulate the differences between these items, but also to be able to write this in their own words. Class 1G have already completed a detailed worksheet on this covering our experience in handling different fabrics.

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