Class 2S Music Video

Class 2S have made an encouraging start to our new musical project for 2013. We are going to be looking at the four main elements that make up a traditional orchestra – brass, woodwind, percussion and the string section. We have started this work with the strings, and in particular the sound of a violin.

Using the school keyboards to help re-create the sound, Class 2S have been learning about the importance of tempo within a musical score. The pupils have been playing Pachelbel’s Canon. This is an incredibly moving piece of music that contains a ground base pattern that is ideal for the pupils to recreate the string section pattern on the Turney School keyboards.

With most of the pupils being able to master this, we then moved on to working in duets. Future music work in Class 2S for this term will be to explore the other sections of the orchestra. We will be carrying out similar exercises, working with specific music scores that are sympathetic for each different sound. You can watch a short video showcasing some of the Class 2S music skills above.

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